Save all the links you share on Twitter, Facebook and more


  • Easy to use
  • You can connect it to multiple online services
  • Displays links in a timeline
  • Collection of links is fully searchable


  • Plain interface

9 is a handy online app thanks to which you’ll never forget or lose a link you’ve shared online again.

We all know the situation: you find something interesting on the web – an article, a website, a video – and you share it on Twitter, Facebook or even your personal blog. A few weeks after, the link is impossible to find. fixes this by providing you with a place where you can store all the links you share in your social profiles – and also the ones shared by your friends. works similarly to Twitter: you have followers and the information is presented as a timeline. It’s also very easy to use: just create your user account and connect it to the online services you use most often, like Twitter, Facebook or blog RSS feeds. From that moment on, all the links you share in those services – and your friends’ – will be stored in, which is fully searchable.

The interface in is quite simple and doesn’t have any fancy graphic design. The tool goes straight to the point and focuses on functionality. Despite the plain interface, is certainly one of the best apps we’ve seen to keep all those interesting links under control.

With you can store all the interesting links you share on your favorite social networks.

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